Reincarnation … Why?


I found this dialogue a few days ago while sifting through hundreds of files, desperately trying to cobble together various bits and pieces of a novel begun and abandoned three years ago.   I was looking for code words to pick out the relevant fragments, since my filing system is woefully haphazard.

I was getting tired and cranky when the word “Reincarnation” appeared in one of the entries on an old jumpdrive.  Curious,  I opened it.

Here it is.   I don’t remember to whom I was responding.  Whether it was on an online forum or perhaps someone emailing  me questions after a meditation session.   My mind is a blank.  But the answers I gave at that time are precisely the same I would give today.

So either I have learned nothing new or my answers were correct the first time.   I like to think the latter.

Here are the questions I was asked and my replies.



Let me ask you few simple questions and if you have the answers to those I think I might be able to understand your belief more.

Okay …. I will try to suggest  some answers.  

There is one word which holds the key to almost any question involving the meaning of our lives.    Empathy.    We are all fragments of the Divine.   We are on earth temporarily separated from our source, which is the Divine.  In order to return to our source, we must understand that we are ALL part of that source.  We are actually part of each other. And part of God or the Divine.

Why we’ve chosen to separate ourselves from our Divine Source and take on the vicissitudes of earthly living, I don’t know.   Maybe it’s a cosmic computer game   Maybe it’s curiosity.   Maybe God gets bored. 

But I believe it’s because we have chosen to learn some lessons.

  1. Why are people born unequal? Is God not fair?

We are born to learn empathy.  Here is where the concept of reincarnation explains these obvious inequities from the moment we each draw our first breath.  If we’ve displayed a lack of empathy in a previous life, then we will come back in circumstances which will teach us empathy.  I’ve been cruel to a servant, next life perhaps I will be a servant.   I have been a selfish woman, next life maybe I will be married to a selfish woman.   Or some variant.  We are here to learn lessons.   To progress towards that state of perfection which allows us to return to our Source. 

  1. Why people sometimes suffer mishaps not of their doing at all e.g a persons father or mother passes away or they get born to bad parents, siblings etc or they have to suffer in many ways they were not responsible for whereas others have a more blessed life e.g a person out of millions wins a lottery!. Is there a reason for it or is it all RANDOM?

It’s not random.   Again, it’s the question of lessons to be learned. And sometimes those lottery winners seem lucky until you realize they too have lessons to learn and many will fail.   Sometimes even good fortune carries a lesson with it.   Look at the talented performers who drug themselves to death  … and they’ve had it all.  

Sometimes a simple poor life is amazingly happy.   All is not what it seems.   Some people have to learn that love is more important than fame and wealth.   So they may have that fame and wealth because they’re learning how empty it is.   Their lessons will be an adjustment of their values.

3. This universe is many billion years old. Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Christianity and Islam are only 2000 years old. God waited this long to send the message to humans? Humans born before were lesser to humans born after?

Christianity and Islam are man-made religions.   They contain guidelines for good living.  Religion is man-made.   God exists outside of time and space and man-made religions.  Abraham of the Old Testament lived some 2000 years before Christ.  Hindu/Vedic civilization practiced their faith over 6000 years ago.    Earlier peoples had their lessons too.  They had their codes of living.  And their God is the same, no matter what form or name. We are arrogant who feel a mere 2000 years contains the only truth.   This arrogance too is part of what we must learn to avoid.   We must turn towards our inner search for God and be wary of intermediaries and structured beliefs, which are increasingly dividing man from man.  

We are ONE.   With each other and with God.

4. Is there an explanation to various astounding re-incarnation incidents around the world?

I believe we do reincarnate.  And that those veridical incidents are in themselves explanations of reincarnation.   When enough detail is available  to squelch any excuse of “coincidence”, then there is a powerful argument in favor of reincarnation.    Many of us have memories of another life.   But societies which accept reincarnation tend to produce more remembered incidents because the young children aren’t told to “stop imagining things”.   India has produced a creditable number of examples of reincarnation while there are much fewer in the West. 

Some young Indian children recall their other lives in amazing detail.   Right down to the names of distant relatives and acquaintences as well as spouses and children.  Family secrets are revealed and in one dramatic case, a cache of jewelry which the child had hidden as an old woman in a previous incarnation. was unearthed.   Most children’s memories fade by the times they are three or four.   The only way to access those memories is through hypnosis … and this is very unreliable.

I believe that today we have a very obvious clue to reincarnation in the gradual acknowledgment and understanding of transsexuals.   When somebody claims that they’re in the “wrong body”, to my mind it is simply that they have fragmentary memories of a previous incarnation as that other sex and have trouble transitioning.  

Child prodigies, particularly musicians, are another example.   A young friend from my childhood was one such genius.   She told me she never had to learn a new piece because if she was quiet and relaxed, she would “remember” it.   But she could do this only with the Old Masters … Beethoven Chopin or Bach.   Modern pieces weren’t so accessible for her.  Years later, it began to make sense to me.   Perhaps she had been a musician and  had learned the classics in an earlier lifetime.   And so had an enormous advantage over the rest of us who were condemned to laborious practice.   I clearly was not a musician in a previous life.

5. What is the ultimate purpose of humanity?

Empathy  …..

6. Everything which has beginning has an end and so is everything which is born has to die. Do you think the body of humans is an exception to this rule?

You’re talking about the physical world as we ordinarily perceive it.  This is an error.   Nothing is ever created nor destroyed in the physical world  … merely changed.  This is the First Law of Thermodynamics  …. an absolute physical law of the Universe   Not an atom has disappeared since the beginning of time.   Human bodies are physical vehicles.   As bodies they will disappear but their chemistry is merely transformed. 

 Dust to dust.  

We are much too attached to bodies.   We don’t see them as mere vehicles.  We even try to convince ourselves that we will re-incorporate ourselves into those same miraculously reconstituted bodies on Judgment Day.

We are energy  … spirit  … God.   The body is a temporary vehicle through which we experience the physical world.   That is all.

There are many other questions but I will limit myself to these. Please make an honest effort to answer these questions without any prejudce towards any belief.

I am a mystic.   Mystics connect directly with their Source or God.   We do not recognize any earthly intermediary.  I acccept the precepts of many religions, but the dogma of none.   I have no personal doubts.    

Ultimately, the answers are within yourself.  They are within the “God-part” of you.  The secret is to create an empty space  … no talking, no set prayers  … just space.   And then sit quietly and humbly and wait for God to speak.   It may take a long time.  But patience is the key.    

God will answer.




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