“Bird Songs” … Now on Amazon.com

My new book “Bird Songs” was just released on May 12 … Mother’s Day.  It’s now available on Amazon.com

Bird Songs


Originally I compiled a small collection of stories honoring the memory of my delightfully eccentric and free-spirited mother,  Maxine Darrah … whom I affectionately called “Bird”.   It was originally published for her memorial services in Canada in 2009.

Several years later, when that little volume seemed to have acquired legs of its own and wiggled its way into a wide variety of people’s lives, that I began to see it might be more relevant than I thought  … to all people, of all backgrounds.  That these gentle and warm tales resonate with childhood memories familiar to many of us.

Some of the stories have appeared here.  Others were added as I began to expand the original collection.   I hope my readers will enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed the reminiscing and remembering which is their genesis.

The Gleeful Guru  … Aka Nikki Ty-Tomkins





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