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Sometimes a single moment offers a crash course in understanding one of life’s many lessons.  Not the sort of understanding we think we’ve acquired after wading through a pile of “self-help” books or by attending an array of seminars offered by widely advertised experts in … Continue reading

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Are We the Sense Organs of God?

  It was a sudden fleeting idea which briefly joined  my rather disjointed train of thought and sent a little frisson running through my body.  I resisted the impulse to follow it and placed it in my mental filing cabinet.   … Continue reading

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Judgment Day … Perhaps

Sometimes an epiphany appears   …  one of those moments which suddenly illuminate and answer the deepest of life’s questions. It was a photo of a small lily pond taken with a cell phone and attached to an email message … Continue reading

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Coconut Christmas

. Tonight I set up the Christmas tree.  It’s a small artificial one since I can’t bring myself to buy one of the firs shipped in to Hawaii from the mainland a good month ahead of the holiday.  I know … Continue reading

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A Christmas Cavadee …

. It was my first Christmas in Canada for over twenty years.   Montreal was predictably cold … even colder than I remembered and the lovely carols from my childhood had been replaced with pop songs in all the malls. … Continue reading

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Pleasantness is like a Virus … it’s Contagious

. . She was a little colorless wren of a woman standing behind the service counter at Sears almost thirty years ago. The queue of people waiting in line in front of her was excessively long and each person seemed … Continue reading

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Remembering Dr. Jorge Camara

. . “Dr Camara died last week …” I looked up from the jewelry I was packing away for the day. The name didn’t immediately register and I was innured to my co-worker’s references to the movers and shakers on … Continue reading

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